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Telly, the Prodigal Bird

Posted on Sunday, September 1, 2013 by No comments yet

#VT – “Telly is male Cockateil with yellow face and bright red spot for a cheek, grey with white trim feathers. Answers to Telly and “Happy Holidays” Christmas song whistle. If sighted please call Rick. Last Sighted off White Street, Last heard around Chamberlin School area.”  This was posted five days ago on one of the South Burlington FPFs.

Followed by this posting just today:  “WOW! What a great community South Burlington is. With the help of the community I received Telly sightings and was able to recover my pet. Biggest obstacle was that Telly would not fly down to a lower level and stayed high. He apparently tired and was found on Dorset Street on an outside air conditioner extension and taken to Shelburne Farms Breeding Center. Front Porch Forum is a wonderful tool and you folks are the best. Thanks so much. May God bless you all.”

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