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Lost calf reunited with mama cow in Williston

Posted on Sunday, July 7, 2013 by No comments yet

#VT – We see lost animal postings every day on Front Porch Forum across Vermont.  Here’s a follow-up posting about a lost cat in Williston today…

Thank you everyone who responded! Suki is now home safe and sound:) I can’t thank you enough!

But in the same Williston FPF there was a different kind of lost animal posting…

We received mother and baby calf Saturday afternoon and the calf ran off minutes after it was unloaded. It has been seen on the VAST trail between Christmas Lane in Williston and Lake Iroquois. It is about 3 months old and brown and white. It will run as soon as is sees people but we need to try to get it back to mama who is calling for her calf. Please call if seen.

Followed by…

Are you missing a calf? She was in the pasture with my cows this morning-now inside the barn.

Needless to say, a happy reunion soon followed.

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