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New twist on “dog ate my homework”

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013 by No comments yet

#VT – Hey neighbors! This is an odd bulletin but I wanted to share with you that after hiking with my dog at the gorge (aka Cady’s Falls swimming hole) yesterday he became ill in the late afternoon. He presented with ataxia (wobbliness), dry nose and then later in the night he lost control of his bladder and was constantly incontinent. I took him to the emergency vet in Burlington only for them to give him a drug test and find he was high as a kite on pot. Thankfully this wasn’t lethal, but after the two hour drive and $150 vet bill it also isn’t as humorous as it may sound. He threw up quite a bit of stems and other debris this morning and he’s still pretty out of it.

The only place he could have come into contact with this was at the gorge and he did indeed do the normal lab thing of digging around, trying to (and I guess successfully) eating things and rolling in who knows what, so I’m supposing he found someone’s lost stash. I’m hoping this is an isolated incident but if you are hiking with your pup out there please keep a very close eye on them.

Shared by Rebecca on her Morristown Front Porch Forum today.

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