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“Shoe Endorsement (Not Paid For By An Out-Of-State Super-PAC)”

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2012 by No comments yet

#VT – Is it okay to post recommendations on FPF?  Yes!  Here’s today’s example by Frank on the Hinesburg Front Porch Forum, where we have 1,300 FPF members out of the 2,000 households in town…

It’s rare that I will endorse a product strongly enough to share it with my friends and neighbors, but today I discovered something that actually changed my life… a pair of sneakers. I’ve been a life-long competitive runner until this past spring, when I injured my ankle. I literally haven’t run 5 paces since late March. But I finally listened to my neighbor, Jim F., who told me about “Hoka” brand running shoes, sold locally by Green Mountain Rehab on lower Main Street in Burlington. They look just like the shoes work by Kramer in a Seinfeld episode – think: Sketchers, but even uglier. If you’re self-conscious or concerned with style, disregard this message. But, if you have the self-confidence to look like you’ve been recently released from Shepardson-6 (and your joints or muscles keep you from exercising), strap these babies on and get out there! I kid you not – they’re amazing!

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