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  1. Michael,

    It has been a long time since I have commented, I am sure you have not missed me. I came by, as friend forwarded to me a note that showed FPF finally combined all of the Williston forums into one, something I asked for years ago. After 7+ years, a 20% penetration in Williston, interesting.

    More importantly, the data from this survey, very disappointing and very heavily skewed, frankly. When I would use the forum and comment back to you, one core issue was the ‘numbers’ espoused by the social media types, and what it really meant. Back in the day, if data from a survey posted on Facebook talked about Facebook use, you would have been all over it.

    How can you support a result that says “the average respondent uses FPF” when 68% found out about the survey from FPF. That would be like a survey of 100 people, 75 reached by phone and saying 75% use the phone. If you want real data, you need a real sample set. The data simply shows a cross section of people using FPF, nothing else. Of course the average user in this sample set uses FPF.

    More interesting is that 38% knew of the meeting from FPF but 68% knew of the survey. So, analyzing why that is the case would be even more interesting. Are emails read? Was the Survey announcement big and bold and the meeting not? A true analysis of that would be very interesting.

    Yes, I am qualified to write this comment, having just prepared and analyzed a worldwide survey in my field with 3rd party critique. We found the results by channel (email, Twitter, Facebook) to show a statistically significant difference in results.


  2. Michael says:

    Hi Mitch… CEDO might be interested in your critique of their survey. As always, we’re flattered by your attention to our humble FPF.

  3. Michael,

    I am confused as to whether you re-interpreted the data or not. For the question regarding how people found out, your data above uses the whole sample set and (correctly) states 69% – where the printed percentage is 82%. While the number of FPF subscribers uses the printed percentage of 93%, where out of the sample set it is not 93%.

    It is great data for FPF, local advertisers know exactly the FPF demographics now.


  4. Kevin Harris says:

    hi Michael, is there a report from this survey, do you happen to know, has anyone done any analysis? the link just offers stat results.

  5. Michael says:

    Hi Kevin. I’m not aware of any analysis. I’d love to see it.

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