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  1. Good morning Front Porch and thank you for reposting my story.

    I would like to be fair and suggest we not draw conclusions regarding the lack of action from the fire department of other local authorities. I suspect there are protocols in place that dictate their decisions.

    I agree that this is troubling for those of us who are willing to risk limb and life for the smallest of creatures, but let’s remember that our local firefighters and law enforcement officials are heroes as well, and prove this every day.

    Perhaps this might open a discussion to figure out a new protocol? I will reach out to them to investigate a bit further and provide my findings to the Forum. Thanks. The Scribe

  2. Michael says:

    Good point, Paschal’Simon. No disrespect meant to all the public safety folks out there. I’d guess it’s a simple safety issue. Which makes John and Linda’s volunteer efforts all the more impressive.

  3. Great story! This is what “community” is all about. Thanks, FPF!

  4. As announced in my previous comment, I did a bit of research… and it turned into a follow up article: Fire Departments & Cats – Urban Legend?

    The Scribe

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