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Are businesses part of neighborhood?

Posted on Saturday, June 18, 2011 by No comments yet

A neighbor recently complained about ads appearing on his Front Porch Forum.  Today another FPF member responded to their neighborhood forum…

I appreciate the recent note regarding business ads.  Here is another perspective:  As a small company operating out of the Old North End, I must say that an occasional notice from us regarding new or updated services is invaluable in getting our word out.  A neighborhood, it seems to me, is a combination of people, friends and families living and working locally in support of each other.  A neighborhood is, in part, defined by local businesses.  What would our neighborhood be like without our shops, farms, services, restaurants, and bakeries,  operated by people trying to make a living locally within their communities. Many of the small businesses I’m familiar with find it difficult to pay the going rate for advertising.  I believe Front Porch Forum has done a pretty good job of reaching a practical balance in this regard.

I’m curious about others thoughts!

Mark Bromley
One Revolution, Vermont Bikes at Work

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