Ghost of Midnight

… about neighbors, community and Front Porch Forum

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  1. rjstatic says:

    I think the most interesting trend here is the move away from the distributed model of emailing to a centralized model. Sending a Facebook message is a lot easier than old network of trust built on encryptions keys. I figured the network of trust was going to be attained with the adoption of open source tools like Thunderbird and the benevolent dictator of GMail but it simply never caught on.

    I’m excited about decentralizing projects like Front Porch Forum, Local Wiki, Diaspora, etc. that are giving communities platforms that they can viably own without the risk of capitalists using the communities’ data as leverage for profit motives.

    Bring back the distributed model, learn from our mistakes with email, and learn from what social networks are doing “right”. Keep it up Michael.

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