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Gmail user not receiving your FPF e-newsletter? Fix it now…

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 by No comments yet

Are you a Gmail user who has stopped receiving your Front Porch Forum e-newsletter?  Regrettably, your Gmail may be marking items from FPF as spam.  Here’s the solution!  Please take steps A, B and C below to assure that you stay in the loop.  Sorry about the hassle and thanks for setting it straight.

A. Designate FPF messages as “Not Spam”
1. Go to and sign into your Mail account.
2. Click on “Spam” in list on left to see contents of your spam folder.
3. Select any Front Porch Forum messages listed in the spam folder.
4. With these selected, click “Not Spam” above the message list. This will move any checked messages into your Inbox, and train your Gmail not to mark these as spam.

B. Add FPF’s addresses to your Gmail Contact List
1. In Gmail, go to “Contacts” in list on left to see your contacts.
2. Click on the “Add to ‘My Contacts'” button and add the email address neighbors AT frontporchforum DOT com. Hit “enter.”
3. Repeat Step 2 with members AT frontporchforum DOT com
More info:

C. Create filters to keep FPF messages out of your spam folder
1. In Gmail, click “Create a filter” (to the right of the search bar).
2. Put the email address neighbors AT frontporchforum DOT com in the “From” field and click the “Next step” button.
3. Check “Never send it to Spam.”
4. Click “Create filter” button.
More info:

Taking these steps will help you and thousands of other Vermonters stay connected to their neighborhood news as you help train Gmail’s filter.

P.S.  Did you miss some postings?  Go to and click Log In, then click on “Archive” to browse past issues.

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