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Trick-or-Treat, Take 2

Posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 by No comments yet

FPF member Eliza J. Anderson just blogged on Goodkin about an FPF episode…

This past October I rescheduled Halloween. Yep, moms really can be that powerful. I salvaged Anakin’s High Holy Day despite the H1N1, but I also suggested I have the power to move mountains (which makes me nervous)…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud as hell of this. Maybe because I never pretended to do it with magic; it was a simple Internet solution.  Front Porch Forum—our town’s listserv—is highly deployable for such moments of true crisis. Anakin spiked his fever at noon on October 31st, transforming from a commanding Darth Vader into a deflated lump of couch coal. Horrified, I reasoned that since a third of his school was out sick, others would likely bite at a little Halloween redo. And they did.

A week later, the fever passed, we had a list of seven participating households, a lovely dry evening for dress up (it poured on the real Halloween), a mutually agreed on 1 ½ hrs to go door to door, and the pleasure of other children greeting us (whose parents signed up to get rid of their sugary surplus).

Gotta love ingenuity and happy endings!

P.S.  “Listserv?”  Egads, no!  Read my rant.

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