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  1. Alex Dupuy says:

    Here in Troy, NY, we’ve used i-Neighbors and a bunch of Yahoo! e-mail groups to serve as an electronic forum for various neighborhoods. However, late last year i-Neighbors re-engineered their site so that to reply to threads you must use their web interface (i.e. no reply by e-mail). Most annoyingly (to me, at any rate) the non-e-mail replies still include reams of quoted test from previous messages in the thread (reducing that would be the only justification for eliminating e-mail replies that I would accept). At any rate, the i-Neighbors changes have been pretty unpopular, and as a result there is some interest in moving away from i-Neighbors. I’ve suggested FPF as a possible alternative, but unfortunately I suspect this isn’t terribly likely.

  2. Alex,

    Recently, I have seen major success with Google Groups – for both open and closed forums. Users can select individual emails, or digests.It is email or web based (the inclusion of previous stuff may still happen). My experience with GG has been very good. People can choose to be part of more than one group or not. Or, if you prefer to control things more, people would need invites into the group.


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