Ghost of Midnight

… about neighbors, community and Front Porch Forum


  1. Dot Carpenter says:

    Printer won’t print. Says, “out of paper”.
    Isn’t. What next?

  2. Kurt Mueller says:

    Meet your neighbors. Remember your neighbors. Make them friends forever.

  3. Valerie Fitzgerald says:

    May 2010 Be a Happy and Healthy Year for Everyone

  4. Jean Parker says:

    Life is easier than you think — you have to do is this: Accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, bear the intolerable, and be able to smile at anything.

  5. small condo, tossing son’s baseball cards vintage nineties, want them?

  6. Meghan Fitzpatrick says:

    bob, meghan, max and henry behrens- new to the ‘hood!

  7. Meghan Fitzpatrick says:

    resolution 2010- anyone looking to get rid of a treadmill?

  8. Marilyn L. Charkin says:

    To work for peace is to bring all people peace.

  9. Marilyn L. Charkin says:

    To work for world peace creates a world without hate.

  10. Cheryl Thibeault says:

    When in doubt don’t freak out – just drink more wine!

  11. Valerie Fitzgerald says:

    Everyone think Spring
    For the beautiful flowers and green grass

  12. Dan R says:

    Herein ideal facilitation of real interaction. I will achieve this.

  13. Judith Pennock says:

    Really enjoyed your presentation in Bennington last night re: FPF and think it is a truly wonderful use of technology, linking busy neighbors and turning them into friends. Continued success and thanks for the great info!

  14. Michael says:

    Thanks Judith… what a treat for me to learn about Bennington. -Michael

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