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Shihtzu fends off Shovel Man Robber!

Posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 by 1 comment

Residents of Burlington’s New North End have been reporting on Front Porch Forum break-ins and scams targeting the elderly this past week.  Looks like one FPF member has found a solution…

Just another voice to add to the neighborhoods re. the shoveling robber. On Monday, the 28th, a man approached our home on Grey Meadow Drive. My husband was in the backyard and Odin, our 22 lb Shihtzu was with him playing ball. Odie took off barking like the fierce Tibetan Temple guard dog he is and next we know he was in front barking furiously while chasing a man who was running for life, out of our open garage. He had expletives for our good good dog while yelling to us “I only was trying to shovel!”…. well, we knew him for what he was! These are hard times for many people…so neighborhood watches and neighborly communication about these events are good prevention. Also recommended: get a fierce Tibetan Shihtzu: small but fierce!!

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One comment

  1. Lea Terhune says:

    Lt. Bovat will be at the Neighborhood Assembly at the Miller Center on Jan 19 to discuss the grandparent scam, the shoveling robber scare, thefts in the area, and any other issues residents wish to report.

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