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Email ain’t dead (WSJ, you lunkhead)

Posted on Monday, October 12, 2009 by No comments yet

Andy Schroepfer at Rackspace wrote recently about the future of email vs. social media, texting, etc.  Some, like today’s nutty Wall Street Journal article, declare the demise and coming death of email.  Oh, puh-lease.  And we all have paper-less offices, and radio disappeared the day after TV arrived, and the U.S. Postal Service is closing up shop tomorrow.  We definitely have a rapidly evolving communication and media landscape, but seldom do the stalwarts just disappear.

In fact, email dominates the field over the likes of Twitter, FaceBook, texting, RSS, etc.  Email is the default.  That’s why Front Porch Forum uses it as a primary distribution path… we’re trying to reach EVERYONE in a local community, not just one clique or another.  Anyway… here’s an interesting bit of data from Forrester Research…

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