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Magic Number

Posted on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 by 102 comments

A guest post today from Front Porch Forum’s most recent hire, Jamie Seiffer.  Take it away, Jamie…

For those of you familiar with De La Soul, y’all know that three is the magic number. For those of you unfamiliar, check this out. Three is the magic number for us because that’s how many pairs of tickets our friends at Higher Ground have graciously donated to Front Porch Forum. As a result, all of our neighbors (that’s you!) have the chance to enter a raffle for a FREE PAIR OF TICKETS.

Grammy award-winning hip-hop group De La Soul is performing at Higher Ground August 21.  If you’d like a shot at a pair of tickets all you need to do is comment on this post.* You can post about whatever you want – how you use FPF, why you like De La Soul, an awesome show you’ve seen at Higher Ground, whatever – any comment gets you an entry into the raffle (limit one per person).

Here at FPF we use this blog to keep our neighbors (and everyone else in the blogosphere) up to date about Front Porch Forum happenings. These include unique success stories, updates about our progress/expansion, and fun raffles like this De La promo. La la la la lah, this is a D.A.I.S.Y. age.

*TO ENTER:  Comment on this blog post below by 7 PM EST on Aug. 20.  Comments on Facebook will not get your name in the hat… you must comment at Winners will be selected at random on Thursday night and will be notified via the email address attached to your comment.

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  1. rperlah says:

    …3 is the magic number, yes it is.

  2. Nikki says:

    WOW. De La has only been my favorite hip hop group since I was… fourteen. Tasty lil morsels like this got me hooked:

    I’m iced out like a glass of tea, better yet, OATmeal cookies, y’all just rookies to me.

    Cookies AND funky basslines? Pretty please…

  3. louise brown says:

    I would like to win tickets to the show thanks louise

  4. Kiley says:

    I love Higher Ground because the place and people watched me come of age enjoying live music; watching me grow up to exactly what makes me tick… they have always provided an invaluable service by bringing high-quality tunes to Burlington. And we all got to experience that together.

    I love De La Soul because their music transcends time and will always make me smile and dance. It’s lots of fun, makes you think, and keeps you moving.

    I love Front Porch Forum because it’s fun to read about what my neighbors are considering or thinking about or getting happy or angry about. It’s a convenient way to keep my finger on the neighborhood pulse.

  5. Magger says:

    Front Porch Forum is magic and I am grateful that it exists for our community.

  6. Dylan says:

    its just me myself and I here in a buhloone mind state. The plants outside are 3 feet high and rising and front porch forum is the native tongue of burlington!

  7. Josephine says:

    23 is the magic number!!

  8. Kate says:

    De La Soul was one of my favorite shows from college…would love to see them in BTV 15 years later!

  9. Kathy says:

    Turns out Magic was the name of the project designed to break coded Japanese diplomatic messages during WWII.

    It’s also the Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov Telescope, the Multi Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside (a governmental website with detailed mapping and layers of the UK), the Men’s Apparel Guild in California trade show, the name of 20 radio stations, a version of the MUMPS programming language, and the title of 8 different albums, including a 2007 release by Bruce Springsteen.

  10. Nate Moody says:

    De La is a force in the REAL Hip Hop world…great lyrics and fantastic beats. They make it FUN!

  11. Andrew says:

    Difficult preaching is posdnuos pleasure
    Pleasure and preaching starts in the heart
    Something that stimulates the music in my measure
    Measure in my music, raised in three parts

  12. Christopher says:

    I have never seen them, but my 19 year old was commenting on them and thinking of going himself. It would be great to go together, as he is heading out to the Pacific NW in September. One last father-son bonding moment.

  13. Dov says:

    Oooh… 3 times 10 is thirty, and 3 times 9 is twenty-seven; three times 8 is twenty-four, three times seven is twenty-one. Three times six is 18, three times five is fifteen, three times four is twelve and three times three is nine and three times two is six. And three times one is three of course… Now dig the pattern once more!

  14. Shannon says:

    I am so happy that my mom turned me on the the Front Porch Forum when I moved to the South End. I would be thrilled to win tickets to De La Soul, to give my husband and I a well deserved date night while enjoying music we we grew up to!

  15. Lynn Stewart-Parker says:

    FPF is providing magic to Starksboro…we thank you!

  16. Emily says:

    FPF is a direct connection into the soul of yardsales and sharing. Does it get much better? Only on a 90 degree day, or snow day, depending on what you’re in to.

  17. Andrew says:

    Sorry Jaime, the real magic number is from Schoolhouse Rock! (here: You’re showing your (lack of) age.

  18. Christie Phelan says:

    yay! De La Soul tix!

  19. Emily says:

    He said, my bananas are at their ripest, but they all stand at 3 feet. My swinging hand is bandaged up, could you help me with this chore? I brought him down to the data shop and bought him copies of the De La score.

  20. Molly Fleming says:

    this raffle letting me know about a group I have never heard about is just another reason why the FPF rocks…

  21. Jane says:

    Actually, I’m hoping 9 is the magic number. 😉

  22. Jennifer Diaz says:

    There’s niothing like live music! And if you’ve ever seen De La Soul live, you understand the special way that music with “Soul” recharges you, fills your spirit, and makes you feel as though you’re floating on Cloud 9, or Cloud 3 x 3, as the case may be!

  23. Sharyl Green says:

    It’s gotta be 24 because Peter and I celebrate our 24th on the 24th of this month!

    Thanks Michael, Linda, and all at FPF.

  24. Jay Morgan says:

    22. it’s the winning number

  25. Karen Spach says:

    3 is the magic number. Little G turned 3 and her Mommy needs a night out to get down

  26. Li Ling Young says:

    I love De La Soul! I can’t believe these guys are still around. Maybe I’m not that old… Maybe my kids will think they’re as great as I thought they were.

  27. Liz Janelle says:

    I’m hoping the magic number wins me some tickets!

  28. Jo says:

    FPF and de la soul…2 things i love!

  29. Laura says:

    Yes Please! I love De La Soul and FPF! Front Porch Forum recently helped to link me up with other parents in my new neighborhood, find story times and playgroups. My daughter now knows several kids that she’ll be going to school with and is no longer nervous about starting preschool. Thanks FPF!

  30. Dan says:

    Pot holes in my lawn.

    Would love to see these guys again

  31. Diane Sullivan says:


  32. Chiara Anderson says:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Tell me, mirror, what is wrong?
    Can it be my De La clothes
    Or is it just my De La song?
    What I do ain’t make-beleive
    People say I sit and try
    But when it comes to being De La
    It’s just me myself and I

    That’s the one that piqued my interest in De La Soul.

    Three free De La Soul tickets…who’m I gonna take?

  33. Patrick says:

    word! what I think is magic is the age span of the folks commenting here, and wanting to go to this show b/c they dig de la soul. I am guessing there is a possible 40 year age range of people that are into this. some learned about them as teens some, teens are learning about them now from their moms, and more.

    Thanks FPF and GS folks.

  34. Nancy says:

    would love to get tickets for my son DJ Jack Bandit

  35. Kimberley O'Connell says:

    “It’s just me myself and I…” who want the tix. 🙂

  36. greg says:

    i love de la soul!
    they were the first concert i went to about 20 years ago.

  37. Adam says:

    Oh yeah! I still have my original 3 feet and rising record from back in the day, and would love a pair of tickets to see them.

  38. Lauren Talbot says:

    I saw these guys 12 years ago in Hampton Beach! My Mom dropped me off with 3 friends and made me promise not to go to the bathroom alone.

    Ha! Now I’m a “grown up” and would LOVE to see them again!!!!

  39. Thea Lewis says:

    I’ve never been to a bad show at Higher Ground. Most recently, my husband and I enjoyed some side-splitting laughs seeing Broken Lizard. I’d love to see De La Soul, but my motives are altruistic, since my daughter loves them. (Besides, she’s got a precocious 3 year old who argues with imaginary friends and asks questions about God’s dancing abilities. She could use a night out. )

  40. Kirsten says:

    De La Soul, Higher Ground and Front Porch Forum are all amazing. Bringing the Winooski community together.

  41. Jack says:

    De La Soul rocks my socks!

  42. Ashley says:

    I was introduced to Hip-hop with De La Soul, and I recently played “Magic Number” on my show at WRUV. If you like Jurassic 5, The Ugly Ducklings, and Mos Def, to name a few, you’ll love Mos Def!

  43. Ashley says:

    I meant to say you’ll love De La Soul! LOL

  44. Wayne says:

    I am feeling lucky!

  45. Adam says:

    De La haikus:

    Back in ’89
    3 Feet High and changed the world
    First great rap album

    Magic Number 3
    Only on the FPF
    3 free for me, please?

  46. Colleen McC says:

    I’ve moved out of the ONE, but remain in it on FPF…. It’s just too great of an email to miss!

  47. Abba Corliss says:

    I miss my ONEEast FPF… now that I’ve moved downtown I only get emails weekly-ish… 🙁

  48. Jane McKnight says:

    Trois, c’est la nombre…Merci mille fois et bonne chance a moi…

  49. Jenn Zangl says:

    Ohhh De La Soul tickets 🙂

  50. Josh says:

    Thanks for the raffle opportunity. BTW, typo in the third paragraph; “Here at FPF we use this blog to keep out neighbors…”. Thanks again!

  51. Thank God for De La Soul, Higher Ground and Front Porch Forum…. they make my days happier! Thank you for this raffle opportunity.

  52. Emilie Riddle says:

    Yippee! De la Soul would be awesome to see live here in B-town. Please pick me…it would be a great way to finish out my vacation….Thanks Higher Ground and FPF!

  53. Michelle says:

    8/21 is my birthday, maybe I’ll win a surprise present!

  54. Dan Hall says:

    Here’s hoping!

  55. Alex says:

    I’ve loved De La Soul since my college girlfriend, Interplanet Janet the Galaxy Gal, made me the mix tape I still break out…

  56. Tiki Archambeau says:

    De La Soul is tres cool! A bit old school, but so am I.

  57. Aaron Thurston says:

    3 is a crowd and crowd is good. Give me some of that Soul.

  58. Ursula Jones says:

    What a great contest! I’m a big fan and could really use a night out with the hubby. Thanks!

  59. Rebecca says:

    How many times did the batmobile catch a flat? What does touche et l’elle peux mean? How many feathers are on a Perdue chicken?

  60. Ken Brown says:

    I love Higher Ground because even when you’re way in the back, you’re real close to the band.

    Anybody else think they should turn the old armory on Main Street into a venue?

  61. Joe says:

    count me in.

  62. Lori says:

    Win win. Love FPF, love De La Soul.

  63. Katie Goodall says:

    oooooohhhh pickmepickmepickmepickme… (thanks.)

  64. Sarah Evan says:

    I must say – what a great thing that FPF and HG are doing! To whom ever the lucky winners are, I am sure a great show will be enjoyed!

    Thank you!

  65. CMC says:

    you can be my buddy anytime if you hook me with three tickets – STRONG Island represent.

  66. JC says:

    How ya doin’, Al. Just came all the way
    down from Wichitaw just to be on this show. You know it’s
    gonna be swell and I’m gonna win all the money. Gonna win all
    the money. See ya.

  67. handydandy says:

    Winning these tickets would be a good way to get my life back together.

  68. Jess DB says:

    i want some tickets

  69. Kate H. says:

    I’d like to win!!!

  70. K.K. Wilder says:

    What talent in each member’s soul of De La soul!

  71. Matt McGrath says:

    Front Porch Forum is the ish ’cause ITSOWEEZEE!

  72. Heather Dudley says:

    Before FPF I had no way to talk about…Potholes in my Lawn

  73. Abe says:

    On their album “Stakes is High”, De La famously call out to “all the girls in Huntington” which happens to be my hometown on Long Island.

    One of my favorite lines!

  74. Sandra says:

    nice winning!

  75. Tracy says:

    I love FPF it really keeps me connected on what is going on in my part of town. Saw Da La Soul in the 90’s and would love to see them again! Thanks!!

  76. Sandy Mervak says:

    EYE KNOW I’ll love you better (if my name gets chosen for the raffle)

  77. Gregg says:

    Here is to winning!!

  78. Susanna says:

    It would be so awesome – take me back to old school days. Thank you Higher Ground. Thank you FPF.
    Hey Abe – I have family in Huntington, LI. Wonder if you knew my cousins…

  79. Milissa says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Cause I really want to go 🙂

  80. Tom Leamon says:

    Sophmore year in college we warmed up to the magic number! 17 years later, free tix would be super cool!

  81. Nic says:

    Me, myself, and I would really like to go to this concert. (That’s 3!)

  82. Melissa Meece says:

    Thanks for the free raffle and for getting all of us to check out the FPF blog who might not know about it otherwise!

  83. Sydnee Viray says:

    De la soul for the soul. I can’t wait to hear the rhythm of the beat.

  84. Kristen R. says:

    Tickets! Me me me!! 🙂 Blast from the past…

  85. Sona says:

    Wish it was a Saturday but I would love these tix!

  86. Sweet Pete says:

    De la Lucky?

  87. sam balling says:

    I would like to win some De LA Soul tix..

  88. francesca arnoldy says:

    I would love me some De La Soul!

  89. Zack says:

    Yay De La Soul!

  90. Amanda says:

    I haven’t heard much follow up about how Higher Ground is doing at their (relatively) new space compared to their old haunt in Winooski. I have seen a number of artists and bands at the new larger stage and they seem to be doing well. I have never seen De La Soul but have a couple of their CDs and would enjoy a chance to see them live.

    On an note unrelated to Higher Ground, I think BC Terence Francis posts are a good addition to the FPF and hope he continues to share important information.

  91. E says:

    Yo! Hit me up cuz I gots to be there!

  92. Kristen says:

    Good thing three is the magic number….I am going to take me , myself and I.

  93. DeRon Redmond says:

    I would love to win ticketsto De La Soul!

  94. Tom Walters says:

    Love the FPF! Thanks for a great public service! Now, about those tickets… Thanks,


  95. Andrew says:

    It’s great to be back on the forum again! Jamie, congrats on the job, I’m so glad that this is becoming a sustainable network.

  96. jenniferohjenny says:

    we love de la soul!! I played the magic number for my kids when they were little, for fun math assimilation.

  97. I’m dancing in my seat, would rather be at the show!!

  98. Margie says:

    It’d be great to see da la soul! Thanks, FPF!

  99. shera marston says:

    3 is indeed the magic number. Hope I win!

  100. Lexi says:


  101. Lance Albarelli says:

    3 is a magic # … gl every1

  102. Rachel Rose says:

    I just turned 33!!!
    Ol’ school!!!
    I remember roller skating down my street listening to De La Soul on my walkman.
    Word up…roller skates and walkmans…
    Roller skates (when the wheels were spaced in a rectangular pattern).
    Walkmans (waaaay before Ipods…they played tapes, you know…cassettes).
    Oh, and MTV was still cool; you actually got to watch music videos most of the time…ol’ school rhythms and rhymes, yo…De La, Tribe, Run DMC…
    That’s gotta be some kinda magic…magic like winning those tix would be. Peace out.

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