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  1. Marie Call says:

    The MAGIC number 3? Is it magical or Lucky or Fortunate?

    Every one has heard of prime numbers. Yet how many know that we have “Lucky” and “Fortunate” numbers? Three is the first Lucky prime.

    Here’s a fun (unending) exercise. Write down a series of successive natural integers (1,2, 3….)
    For kids I usually have them write [1.. 100 ]. Cross off the list every 2nd number. Go through the list again this time crossing off every 3rd number , then again every 4th number ,5th etc.. Repeat infinitely and viola! You have a list of Lucky numbers. Lucky Numbers and its primative generation (long before the computer) are of great interest to mathematician. as these numbers happen to have attributes of prime numbers!

    From Wikipedia

    In number theory, the number 3 is a “lucky” (true mathematical term! ) number. “A natural number in a set which is generated by a “sieve” similar to the Sieve of Eratosthenes* that generates the primes.” Lucky numbers share some properties with primes, such as asymptotic behaviour according to the prime number theorem; also Goldbach’s conjecture has been extended to them. There are infinitely many lucky numbers. Because of these apparent connections with the prime numbers, some mathematicians have suggested that these properties may be found in a larger class of sets of numbers generated by sieves of a certain unknown form, although there is little theoretical basis for this conjecture. Twin lucky numbers and twin primes also appear to occur with similar frequency.”

    If you have some very bored middle school children on a rainy day try it! Then ask them if it’s Fortunate to be a Lucky number? Which brings up a discussion on “Fortunate” numbers…

    *Sieve of Eratosthenes ( 276 BC”“ c. 195 BC)
    Sift the Twos and sift the Threes,
    The Sieve of Eratosthenes.
    When the multiples sublime,
    The numbers that remain are Prime.

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