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Kitten Found…

Posted on Friday, August 7, 2009 by 1 comment

Linnie in Burlington’s Old North End just posted this to her neighbors using FPF…

The black and white kitten is safely at home. Thanks to Front Porch Forum I had emails and one led to his safe return. Thank You very much.

It’s a common story that I never get tired of hearing (the happy ending part, that is).  Purrrrrr…

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One comment

  1. Judy Wolf says:

    I live off North St, and my cat took off last night and hasn’t returned.He is a tuxedo cat with a poodle cut,big green eyes,white paws.His name is Cookie.He weighs 13 lbs. and is on a special diet for bladder problems.If you have him please let him go before he gets sick on the wrong food.A tuxedo cat means he is black and white underneath.If you would rather contact me,please post a comment.Thank-you.

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