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“From Nod and Wave to Know and Share”

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Great article in the Washington Post today by Ann Cameron Siegal, titled “From Nod and Wave to Know and Share: How to Spark A Neighborly Connection.”  Here’s a taste…

Some people dream of living in communities where children pop in and out of one another’s houses, where adults gather on front porches for riveting conversations, where gardeners trade bounty over back fences.

Others don’t want that much closeness.

But most of us would like more than just a nodding acquaintance with neighbors.

What seems to have been easy and natural decades ago, when mothers were home and kids played outside for hours, takes a bit more effort today. That’s especially true when there’s no organization such as a homeowners association to get things started.

Sure, we’re all busy, but other factors can hinder neighborliness.

People drive into their garages, close the door automatically, then proceed inside.

Some houses are set back from the street, with only long driveways bridging the gap. Others sit along busy streets with no sidewalks, so strolling the neighborhood is not an option.

And as we come and go, we are often focused more on hand-held electronic devices than on our surroundings.

This is what Front Porch Forum is all about.

Williston tent on the lam

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First it’s missing gnomes in Hinesburg, now we hear from Alex on Front Porch Forum in Williston about his escaped tent…

Sometime during the 40 mph winds Thursday night, our tent (which was staked to the ground with 8 stakes!) for some reason decided to see where the wind would take it…. literally.

Perhaps it was not feeling appreciated, or just wanted a change of scenery…. whatever the reason, the tent is gone and could not be located as I drove through the neighborhood early this morning.

For all I know, it could have ended up in Winooski by now, but if someone sees or has heard of a ginormous camping tent blowing through your backyard, please let me know.

Description:  It’s a large beige colored tent.  Poles may no longer be included… may have some stuffed animals inside enjoying the ride.

Missing Gnome Rescue Operation

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I don’t spend much time in Hinesburg.  Maybe that’s a good thing, gnome-wise.  From the FPF Hinesburg Neighborhood Forum today…

Our Family Gnome who went missing last week has been safely returned!

A HUGE Thank You to all who helped with his safe return!

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!!!

The Whitakers

Chalk up one more use of Front Porch Forum… gnome rescue.

P.S.  And just how many people does it take to engineer a gnome’s safe return?