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Williston tent on the lam

Posted on Friday, May 1, 2009 by No comments yet

First it’s missing gnomes in Hinesburg, now we hear from Alex on Front Porch Forum in Williston about his escaped tent…

Sometime during the 40 mph winds Thursday night, our tent (which was staked to the ground with 8 stakes!) for some reason decided to see where the wind would take it…. literally.

Perhaps it was not feeling appreciated, or just wanted a change of scenery…. whatever the reason, the tent is gone and could not be located as I drove through the neighborhood early this morning.

For all I know, it could have ended up in Winooski by now, but if someone sees or has heard of a ginormous camping tent blowing through your backyard, please let me know.

Description:  It’s a large beige colored tent.  Poles may no longer be included… may have some stuffed animals inside enjoying the ride.

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