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Posted on Monday, April 20, 2009 by 74 comments

Front Porch Forum is giving away one pair of tickets for each of the following Higher Ground concerts…

If you want a chance to win these tickets, leave a comment below that completes this thought… “I deserve to win these tickets because…”

We’ll pick one winner from the comments for each show.  The first show is Wed., so make haste!  Thanks to Higher Ground.

P.S.  Make sure you leave us a way in your comment below to get in touch with you should you be a ticket winner.

UPDATE: We have our winners!  Sara Chesbrough from Burlington will be going to Talib Kweli’s show, and Ali Keener in Westford has two free tickets to Slightly Stoopid.  Thanks to all who entered and to Higher Ground.  Congratulations Sara and Ali!

I deserve to win these tickets because…

Sara: “… Talib Kweli and I are brother and sister in some strange musical/philosophical dimension and it’s been too long since we’ve had a family reunion.”

Ali:  “… i love these artists and i just cant afford to go see the shows. i don’t like how money decides music for me. music is so good for the body and soul…sometimes you just gotta dance.”

To everyone else… keep commenting below if you like, but the free tickets are G-O-N-E.

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  1. Michael says:

    … I don’t get out much.

    (But I’m not eligible for the drawing. Rats.)

  2. Conor says:

    … Im going to write a really awesome review of FPF for will sawyer’s class, and I missed Talib last time he was in town!

  3. j says:

    because I have beautiful elbows.

  4. Jamie says:

    … because things are better when they’re free.

  5. louise brown says:

    I feel lucky so i should win

  6. Jeff Mandell says:

    …I just want to DANCE!

  7. Gavin Blumenthal says:

    Talib Kweli


    I deserve to win these tickets because I danced with Talib Kweli at a club in Cincinnati, Ohio and it would mean a lot to hear him perform in the other Queen City, since the ‘Nati is called the Queen City, too.

    b well.

  8. Nico Villanueva says:

    I deserve to win these tickets for Slightly Stoopid because I used to surf with these guys at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego all the time, and can’t surf in Burlington.

  9. Kelly says:

    …because I have to scroll past the childish postings about cats and birds just to see the rest of the info on FPF.

  10. Mike Hennessey says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because… I can spell “Talib Kweli”.

  11. Sherry Ricker says:


  12. Mike Godfrey says:

    Tickets make the voices stop.

  13. Elise Eaton says:

    I said so.

  14. Patricia Morey says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because I love music and haven’t been to a live performance in2 years. Besides I am 50 years OLD and running out of time 🙂

  15. Sam says:

    I’ve never been to Higher Ground, I never get out and I deserve a break!

  16. Eva Nunan says:

    …I need to shake my sillies out.

  17. Lynn says:

    Talib Kweli
    …the mud, sink holes and rutty caverns are out of the road…time to get off the hill

  18. Pat says:

    …I would love to see my daughter’s reaction when her mom shows up at Talib Kweli…and because I have been to rock concerts, country shows, folk and jazz festivals but have never experienced hip hop live…and because I really like him.

  19. Lisa says:

    …yesterday was my birthday and I spent it on my hands and knees cleaning my hardwood floor (while my KIDS got to ride horses all day) and then got to make my own cake. 🙂

  20. Brad Riley says:

    because I’m new to the 5 Sisters Front Porch Forum and it’d be a nice neighborhood welcoming gift.

  21. Jordan says:

    …I serve our community as an Americorps member working with our youth @ Essex CHIPS as an Activities Coordinator. Service is awesome (but it doesn’t pay for concert tickets)! Good luck to all!

  22. Larry says:

    … I too am Slighty Stoopid.

  23. saraphim says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because Talib Kweli and I are brother and sister in some strange musical/philosophical dimension and it’s been too long since we’ve had a family reunion.

  24. Kristen Rajewski says:

    I deserve to win these tickets for either Talib Kweli or Slightly Stoopid because I’ve lived in South Burlington for almost 2 years and STILL haven’t been to a show at Higher Ground! 🙂

  25. ali keener says:

    because i love these artists and i just cant afford to go see the shows. i don’t like how money decides music for me. music is so good for the body and soul…sometimes you just gotta dance.

  26. Erik says:

    … I’ve got Talib bangin on my ear drum right now and its pure Kweli-ty.

  27. Ali T. says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because I’m a law student and need to be Slightly Stoopid every now and again.

  28. dawn says:

    …because I work really hard (in between trips to fpf!) and deserve a night off! 🙂

  29. carol says:

    I deserve to win tickets for Talib because I am leaving Burlington after 28 years and I need a goodbye party. I will invite all my friends!

  30. Adam Quinn says:

    This seems like a good, easy idea! I hope I win. Thanks – AQ

  31. Lindsey says:

    …because spring is finally here and I feel closer to the sun!

  32. Louise says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because I would love to be able to pass a ticket to Talib Kweli on to an impressionable young man who could benefit from the messages from this artist.

  33. Katie Goodall says:

    because if you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing. Just ask Talib.

  34. Amanda says:

    because I dance like nobody is watching and my booty has a mind of it’s own!

  35. angela madonia says:

    i deserve to win these tickets because i love live music and sharing it with other members of my community and beyond!

  36. Doreen Kraft says:

    I would give them to one of the mentors and mentees that volunteer at Burlington City Arts.

  37. Rachel says:

    …because i don’t even have $30 if i want to get my rent in on time. hooray burlington housing 🙂

  38. Melissa says:

    my son would love to see and deserves to see Slightly Stoopid LIVE but I can’t afford to buy a ticket for him!

  39. Tim Clark says:

    I need a night out with fellow Californians Slightly Stoopid…Please? 🙂

  40. Christina says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because
    Slightly Stoopid is awesome!! I love their “surfy” tunes and their music always puts me in a good mood. I even have 2 am as my ring tone. I need to see this show!!

  41. Heather BB says:

    Hi! Thanks Higher Ground for doing this for FPF! I deserve these tickets because this semester I’m a graduating senior! Including the fact I’ve volunteered alot of my time as well, at Women’s Rape Crisis Ctr, led a trip to LA for marsh restoration and unplanted box elders at gardener’s supply!
    Sorry for the long message, this opportunity is amazing!

  42. Joyce Carroll says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because, if passing through this quaint little hood, it would be my porch Talib would pick from which to share a cold Corona with lime and to do his shtick of delivering rap rhythm and rhyme.

  43. Lois says:

    because I could give them to my son, thus forcing him to actually enter the outside world and show his girlfriend he does have dancing in his soul, if not his soles.

  44. Maria Godleski says:

    …because we just bought a house and haven’t the money to treat ourselves to such a great time.

  45. Katie says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because a Friend in need is a Friend indeed. Also, I’m an AmeriCorps VISTA tutoring youth in Burlington….and on the poverty level.

  46. Julie says:

    Talib Kweli is a socially conscious artist who speaks about reality. I work for a homeless organization and volunteer with numerous organizations in Burlington and actually I am broke right now so couldn’t afford to go. I appreciate real music that deals with the real world, thus I would LOVE to see Talib Kweli and experience his good energy!

  47. hayls says:

    Because my friends have tickets to both shows and I can’t attend because I can’t afford them so therefore I will be missing out on very good memories

  48. Aly says:

    because i have to see this show and can’t come up with 30 dollars by wednesday. also. if i win i will wear a gorilla costume to the show

  49. Melvin says:

    …because i’d rather see this show than go anywhere in the world. so…i should probably win.

  50. Melvin says:

    Because its my boyfriends birthday and he wants to go so badly but he knows i cant afford tickets. this would be the PERFECT surprise.

  51. Heather says:

    I deserve these tickets because… I’m a hard working college student who is almost to the end of her junior year and deserves to have a little fun! … and I LOVE music 🙂

  52. oberandout says:

    I deserve to win tickets to see Talib Kweli because literally today is my birthday. No foolin’. On April 21, at 9:27 a.m., 31 years ago, I was born. And when I came out, my mother said “When this girl is 31, she will see Talib Kweli at Higher Ground in S. Burlington, VT, for free, and then her life will be complete.” True story.

  53. Katlyn says:

    …it’s my hubby’s birthday next week and he would freak out if I took him to a show. I would blindfold him from the house to Higher Ground to surprise him.

  54. jon spooner says:

    because Talib lived down the block from me in Brooklyn before I moved up to VT and I would love to get a taste of the old “hood”.

  55. Beth Goldstone says:

    ….he just spent thousands of dollars on his beloved dog who we’re still not sure if she’ll pull through, his truck didn’t start on parking ban day, and he’s still trying to smile through the week. It would be great to surprise him with Slightly Stoopid tickets (one of his favorite bands).

  56. Brennan Guerriere says:

    …because public pillow fights are illegal.

  57. Amelia says:

    “I deserve to win these tickets becauseThis morning, I woke up. Feeling brand new and I jumped up. Feeling my highs, and my lows
    In my soul, and my goals. Just to stop smokin, and stop drinkin. And I’ve been thinkin – I’ve got my reasons..Just to see Talib, Just to see Talib, Just to see Talib!”

  58. Kirsten says:

    … I found my first grey hair!

  59. Serena says:

    because I am a hard working woman, raising a beautiful daughter, and I have always wanted to see Talib Kweli live! And I go out about once a year.

  60. Dylan says:

    ….god wills it ?

  61. Shelly Lapierre says:

    I need a break from the Vermont weather and my two teenagers and a cat that’s shedding piles of white hair!

  62. christina says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because I spend so much money paying to go see numerous shows at higher ground every month. Now I am broke and can’t afford to see any more live music even though it’s my favorite way to unwind and relax from my every day stresses because music has this ability to free my soul and free my worries if even for a few hours.

    Dancing+Music=a happy christina

    Pricey ticket costs+multiple times a month= a poor christina + rich in experiences
    Good Luck to All of you on the FPF!!

  63. kboogie says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because… I have yet to see Slightly Stoopid and would love to add their ticket stub to my collection of stubs from Higher Ground over the years that include, but aren’t limited to: Long Beach Dub
    All-Stars ’98, Sizzla ’01, Beenie Man ’02, KRS One ’02, Badfish “˜04, Atmosphere ’05 & ’06, Jurassic 5 ’01 & ’06, Talib & Nas ’08…

  64. Sara says:

    because my husband and I NEED a night out!!

  65. Brandy Thorpe says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because I am a mother of FOUR boys and my husband and I don’t get to get out much. We could really use a night out on the town.

  66. El Coach says:

    I would like to win these tickets because Talib is my favorite MC. I own every one of his solo and compilation albums, and I know a chill girl who would like to go with me.

  67. Julia says:

    life is too short to not see great artists live at Higher Ground!

  68. Emily Walter says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because I am the hard working mother of a delightful 4 year old who can count on ONE hand how many times I’ve been “out on the town” since she was born. Seriously, no joke…
    *** …and I REALLY love Talib!!!

  69. Greg Weaver says:

    “I deserve to win these tickets because… ” Because the POP Festivals of 1969 and 1970 were a long time ago and like everyone I’m getting older. If I don’t go to Higher Ground soon they will not admit me due to my age. 🙂

  70. Thomas Nola says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because my son and I probably have a month of Sundays to go in cleaning up ourrecently purchased camp property on Rounds Rd. The labor of love deserves this reward. Thanks
    Tom and Matt Nola

  71. Jennifer Baer says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because I just picked up a winter’s worth of dog shit off my lawn. I’m scarred and in need of healing.

  72. Sue Thibault says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because on occasion, I have acted Slightly Stoopid and also know that Talib Kweli spelled backwards is I lewk Bilat!

  73. LiliFoeme says:

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  74. Jerome Mendicino says:

    I deserve to win these tickets because I have no idea who these bands are and Nature abhors a void.

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