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Two-thirds of Vermont on Broadband; Most of State wants Fiber

Posted on Monday, March 30, 2009 by 1 comment

According to new study from the UVM Center for Rural Studies, 66% of Vermont households surveyed report having high speed internet access.  About 79% said that broadband was available where they lived.

Overall nearly 82% of polled households have an Internet connection. Of connected households, 18% had dial-up, 24% had a cable modem, 42% had DSL, nearly 7% had satellite Internet, 6% had a wireless Internet service, and 3% had fiber-optic or some other service. Generally anything faster than dial-up is considered to be broadband, although speeds may vary.

Lots more detail in the survey results… e.g., 73% of “respondents were in favor of an effort exclusively in fiber-optic infrastructure.”

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One comment

  1. Richard Donnelly says:

    Fiber is the long term solution. You won’t have capacity infrastructure issues for generations. The other measures are like soup kitchens to the hungry and homeless; they serve a purpose but they do not address the economic and societal need (not desire, but need) for telecom infrastructure. Lack of fiber is actually holding back economic growth, imo.

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