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Front Porch Forum Expands to Starksboro, VT

Posted on Monday, February 16, 2009 by 23 comments

Thanks to the generousity of the Orton Family Foundation, Front Porch Forum is now available in Starksboro, VT!

Any and all Starksboro residents are encouraged to sign up for this free community-building service immediately.  I see that we have two dozens subscribers there already… I guess word got out before the “official” launch.

Finally, thanks to the warm welcome this evening from the Selectboard and Art and Soul folks.

UPDATE: Here’s Orton’s news release (April 13, 2009).  Already 20% of Starksboro subscribes to FPF!

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  1. Beth Hahr says:

    Am I on the frontporch now?

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Beth. To sign up for FPF, please go to and enter your street address. Then follow the online instructions. Welcome!

  3. I know someone appeared before the Starksboro select board the other night to explain the purpose of the forum.
    Since the annual town meeting is coming up shortly, should there be someone there who can answer questions about the forum, how to access it, what the purpose is etc.? Also, since Starksboro sends out a community “newsletter” each month wouldn’t that be a good place to have info about the forum?

  4. Michael says:

    Hi Marcia. Three folks who operate Front Porch Forum attended a selectboard meeting this week and shared FPF’s story, listened to feedback and fielded questions. I believe an item about FPF will appear in the upcoming Gazette issue. And we plan to have at least one person at Town Meeting.

  5. […] thrilled with our recent expansion into Starksboro, VT.  This is Front Porch Forum’s first step outside of our Chittenden […]

  6. Hi I just came accross this site. Tell Me about it. I live in Starksboro!

  7. Michael says:

    Hi Linda. About 15% of the Town signed up in the first two weeks so far! Just go to to learn more and join. It’s easy, free and won’t overflow your inbox.

  8. jan McCleery says:

    Art and Soul sap bucket with the name Sophia G on the bottom was found on the steps at the Baptist Church. Call 453-3755 to claim.

  9. Lillian Lowell says:

    Hi. my name is Lillian Lowell and I am going to be having my 1 year old nephew staying with me for awhile. I need some Clothes and toys for him.. he is in size 12-18 months.

  10. Emma-Lou Craig says:

    If I send this message, am I now on the Front Porch Forum? E. Craig

  11. Donna Lescoe says:

    How do I go and look at people’s sign up description about themselves on the web?
    Can we have some training on using this program at the library maybe? Thanks.

  12. Sally Apfelbaum says:

    Hi Michael, I’m in Bennington but will be working up in Middlebury in the fall for 4 months. I spoke with Matthew Perry who lives here but has been working up north with the Starksboro community. He said to try front porch to find a room or some kind of housing for the fall. Is this possible? How does this work? When you have a moment, let me know. Thank you, Sally A.

  13. Michael says:

    Hi Sally. Front Porch Forum hosts a network of 130 online neighborhood forums that blanket Chittenden County (and Starksboro!). While we aim to expand in the coming year, we are not yet in Middlebury.

    Additionally, only residents of a given area may join, access and post messages to the associated FPF neighborhood forum. So you could ask someone in a town we serve, such as Starksboro, to post a message on your behalf. Cheers.

  14. Sally Apfelbaum says:

    Hi Michael, thank you–I’ll try posting in Starksboro. Best, S.

  15. Does anyone know when the Jeruselum School House was built? One source says 1827 and another 1874. 1874 is probably wrong because the building shows up on the 1871 Addison County Atlas.

  16. Audrey DeBaise says:

    I have a pair of L.L.Bean navy blue pants for sale. Size 14 petite. They are flannel lined.asking $10.00

  17. Jennifer says:

    looking for part time, reliable, flexible individual to work afternoons at our Child Care Center Please call 453-4600 or mail

  18. Elizabeth says:

    looking for someone to do alterations, have few items that need attention, email me at
    or 434-2232

  19. Bonita Bedard says:

    The Mt. Abraham School Board is interested in your new 8th grader’s transition experience from Robinson to Middle School. This is an invitation to parents of brand new 8th graders to our Tuesday, September 8th board meeting in the Mt. Abe Library at 6:30 pm to chat with us about the process. Our board is dedicated to having the opportunity to speak with the community about the Mt. Abe experience and this is just one of the groups that we are going to be inviting to talk with us this year! This is a casual, low key event, no pressure! Please call me or Bob Hall if you have any questions. You don’t need to RSVP, just come if you have the chance!

  20. Kate Earley says:

    Hello, I am a gardener and have 14 lilacs for sale.1 miss kim, and the rest are purple/white the are across from jim dwire road if you want to see them they are all burlaped.great gifts 30.00 a peice or call 349-6867

  21. Fred Persoh says:

    Starksboro Firewood~

    Get your wood now for nest year.

    $108.00 1/2 Cord

    Good measure & Staking possible.

    Please call Nirmegh at 434-4956

  22. Frank Lossmann says:

    Hey folks! I am starting up a garbage & recycling business in the 5 town area. I am looking for new pick-up customers and/or a place to set up weekly to run a drop off site. I also do clean-outs. anyone that is interested in any of these areas can contact me at 453-3906. Thanks, Frank Lossmann

  23. Kate broadbelt says:

    Hey, i am house sitting in south starksboro, and a smale male black lab showed up in the storm last night without tags. Anyone hear of anyone losing a dog? He’s super friendly and likes to bark at the door

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