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Nine-Word Wonders

Posted on Monday, January 12, 2009 by 4 comments

Wow!  Once Front Porch Forum members got the hang of our “Nine Words for 2009” contest, the entries started to roll in… 990 at last count!  And more than half were submitted from subscribers who had never posted before.  Hopefully, their neighbors will be hearing from them again, now that they successfully posted their first message to their neighborhood forum.

I intended to write a thorough blog post about the nine-word entries, but the 25 pages of brief missives proved overwhelming… there’s a book hiding in there.  So here’s a random sample of nine-word wonders… there’s more where these came from…

  • I thought we would be together by now, no.
  • At the summit of Libby’s Look, we were engaged!
  • Travel partner sought, will finance with laughter, heady food.
  • Gardens, once snow, will really become fruits and flowers?
  • I am the nine cents before passing Neighbor Five-n-Dime
  • If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something else.
  • Welcome 2009. Will you be more of the same?
  • He who snoozes looses and he who sows reaps.
  • Snow Snow Snow go away come again another day.
  • Wes White Hill, slippery when cold, please go slowly.
  • Shopping for an air conditioner she bought a convertible (true story).
  • Your success is measured by the lives you touch. Thanks
  • I’m looking forward to getting to know my neighbors!
  • Though it snows and snows, I still stack stones.
  • Twins, (7), seek great entertainer for occasional parental relief!
  • Grey cat around house at night, is it yours?
  • Ever get the feeling the economy’s gaining on you?
  • Ten wild turkeys marching across our yard last week!
  • Tree burning party! Saturday, 7:00 Dessert potluck 338 Thompson
  • Who lives on my street? Let’s have a potluck!
  • Nine words? Oh crap, those count. Notary Public Needed!
  • Season’s Pass. Mine’s for Bolton. Where do you go?
  • Please shovel your sidewalks of snow for winter walkers.
  • Whadda ya call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho cheese!
  • “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”
  • Summited Everest. We’re hypoxic. Storm. Why’d we climb here?
  • Goodbye Peter Freyne, you will be missed my friend.
  • school today, teenagers reluctantly drag themselves out of bed.
  • Recovering from mental illness the possibilities could be endless!
  • Sledding: North Beach– past high school, before bike path.
  • “Damn!” cursed the man known as Eight Word Sam.
  • My cat is not missing but I love prizes.
  • We must remember, nothing is obvious to the uninformed.
  • Want to share a blower with 2 other neighbors?
  • Shoveled, clear, ready to leave. Oh no! The plow!
  • Wintry Mix: atmospheric precipitation or a new Vermont cocktail?
  • Large dog on the loose, Lyman Ave and Wells.
  • It would be super fine to win in 2009!
  • “There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes.”
  • 9 Words For Owner of Dog That Jumped On Me at 5:30 This Morning…
    Leash, leash, leash, leash, leash, leash, please. Thank you!
  • Looking for good, reliable babysitter for our two girls.
  • Ending stigma today, ends it for many who suffer.
  • The answer to life, for anyone who’s interested, is
  • Snow covered horses with manes blowing in the wind.
  • Free – large inflatable pool, good condition, couple patchable holes.
  • BUSH CLOCK: 13 days, 2 hours, and counting… HURRAH!
  • Finally some friends here; chickadees found the filled feeders.
  • Snow falls, no school, hot coffee brewing, movies today.
  • To catch a unique rabbit, unique up on him.
  • Lock up strollers on your porch, parents. Thieves abound…
  • Quiet! The flowers are fast asleep under the snow.
  • New economy. Buy less, have less, open your heart.Ouch!
  • My cat bites. Any suggestions for me? Thanks.
  • What a joy to live in Five Sisters Neighborhood!
  • I look forward to daily Front Porch Forum emails!
  • Nate and Danielle are getting married on September twelfth.
  • We breed miniature donkeys. Come and meet them today
  • where to sharpen hockey skates? Forum’s wisdom pour forth!
  • Watching your children laugh = Best cure for hard day
  • When in doubt, think of what Elmo would do.
  • Inaugural Ball at Town Hall January Twenty Come All!
  • in the snow blanketed yard, not one bone, alas
  • Wanted: Partridge in a pear tree. Needed last month.
  • Take care of your neighbors. No person succeeds alone.
  • “No one has become poor by giving.” – Ann Frank
  • Propane tank stolen from back porch. Ready to explode!

And on and on!  Here are a few more

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  2. David Snook Morgan says:

    The “Nine Words” are brilliant. So many creative and clever people in our midst. Thanks for sharing.

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