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FPF Milestones

Posted on Friday, December 19, 2008 by No comments yet

Greg and I serve on a telecom board together and he’s made great use of Front Porch Forum in his own neighborhood.  So it was lovely to find his posting headed for the next issue (No. 500!) of his forum.  Thanks Greg!

Congratulations on #500!…

I wanted to be a part of the 500th Anniversary Edition of the South Union Neighborhood Forum!

Congratulations to Michael Wood-Lewis and family for an incredible vision and sticktuitiveness (I guess the real word is indefatigability, which I have trouble pronouncing) that we here in Burlington have been the fortunate beneficiaries of for many years.

I hope you, the subscriber/reader, always follow up when Michael passes on a request to support Front Porch Forum through surveys, grant applications, underwriting advertising and so on.  We want to be certain that FPF will be around for many more years to come…

Happy Holidays!
Greg Epler Wood

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