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What a twisted webmail we weave…

Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2008 by No comments yet

From the National Business Review

CommScore’s latest global market share figures give Microsoft’s Hotmail 283 million users – a 15% increase year -on-year, despite a rash of complaints about a recent redesign.

Yahoo Mail is a close second, with 274 million users.

And Google is a distant third, with 113 million Gmail users around the planet.

But I don’t understand why so many people use webmail instead of an email client (e.g., Thunderbird or Apple Mail).  Using one of these webmail providers (including AOL) leaves all of your email on their servers instead of your own hard drive.  It’s like having the Post Office keep all of your written correspondence for you in their filing cabinents instead of your own… bizarre.  Except, of course, these huge corporations also are mining your private email for marketing data (and more?).

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