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Mail Tampering and Gas Siphoning

Posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 by 1 comment

Several postings this week in the Old North End of Burlington on Front Porch Forum report stolen and damaged mail and missing checks.

Hi All, It seems that our mail  is also being tampered with.  Several envelopes have disappeared from our mailbox altogether. The post office does not have any helpful info. I would suggest collecting your mail as quickly as possible after it is delivered.

Another person wrote about someone stealing gasoline from cars with a siphon tube.  More symptoms of our national economic meltdown?

And one neighborhood to the south, Lauren posted…

Just want to let folks know that someone (or many) has been stealing bags of children’s clothing donated for refugees off my front porch on Orchard Terrace. The latest was Monday night, when a bag of much needed infant snowsuits was dropped off late-after 10:00PM-and gone by morning. I don’t understand it, but it has happened many times. If you notice anything please
speak up. Thanks.

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One comment

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