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State Rep. Uses Front Porch Forum to call for Boycott

Posted on Friday, October 24, 2008 by No comments yet

Matt Ryan reported for the Burlington Free Press today…

Vermont campaign signs along Vermont 15 in front of the Essex Junction Shopping Center have prompted a departing state legislator to call on citizens to boycott businesses within the center — even though the businesses’ managers said they had nothing to do with the signs.

Rep. Peter Hunt, a Democrat from Essex Junction, wrote in a post on Front Porch Forum on Oct. 17 that he would stop shopping at Aubuchon Hardware, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Sherwin-Williams, Quality Bake Shop or “any of the individual store (sic) who have taken this political stance as long as they have these signs on Pearl Street.”

“I am disappointed that these business (sic) have chosen to a (sic) political stance to support candidates from one party,” Hunt wrote. “This is completely out of line.”

He concluded with, “I hope all of you will also shop in other stores.”

More than a dozen FPF subscribers have responded on our service, none in agreement with Rep. Hunt’s call.

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