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Richmond Bridge Open to Cars!

Posted on Friday, October 10, 2008 by No comments yet

This just in from Richmond Selectboard Member, Erik Filkorn…

The Richmond bridge is open to vehicles up to 3 tons. Plan your trip home accordingly and remember to stop at the final Farmer’s Market tonight!

That’s great news for the people and businesses of Richmond and surrounding towns.  This has been the number one issue in Richmond in the month since the bridge over the Winooski River was suddenly closed.  The village has a wonderful collection of small businesses, many of which have been struggling with the bridge closure.  In fact, “shop Richmond” if you have the chance.

We’re so pleased that Front Porch Forum has been available to help residents, businesses and local public officials communicate and pitch in during this crisis.  In fact, Erik used Front Porch Forum to break the news of the closure on September 4, 2008, shortly after he learned of it, and we’re publishing the good news of its opening right now across Richmond via FPF, just moments after the news became “official.”  Thanks to Erik for making such good use of this service.  Hopefully, the traditional media will cover the bridge-opening soon too.

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