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Financial blow softened for those who’ve invested in community

Posted on Monday, September 29, 2008 by No comments yet

Millions of middle class Americans are watching their savings shrink dramatically in the Wall Street debacle unfolding before us.  Much is being written and said about it all… lots to digest.

But one angle I’ve not come across yet is the strategy that a small but growing number of people are employing… to invest more personal resources into building community, even at the sacrifice of their short-term savings.  Put another way… to shift financial capital into social capital.

When hard times come, having plenty of cash helps, of course.  But so does having a strong community.  Having a network of close local friends, living in a supportive neighborhood, being part of a stable town with good schools… all of these “assets” can help cover real needs.

Front Porch Forum is in this business.  It helps people invest in community and realize genuine gain from it… economic, social, emotional, and more.  More later…

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