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Essex Junction Neighbors Respond to Crime

Posted on Thursday, September 18, 2008 by No comments yet

Some people question Front Porch Forum‘s strategy of blanketing an entire metro area with our online neighborhood forums.  Why not, instead, just provide them in the areas most likely to embrace the service?

Well… because we never know where or when FPF will catch hold.  This past week we’ve seen another formerly snoozy FPF neighborhood forum light up.  This area, in Essex Junction, VT, near the fair grounds, encompasses about 200 households and less than 10% subscribed.

Then a shooting occured.  And someone posted about it on FPF.  Several replies followed.  Then the owner of the rental house where the crime happened weighed in.  All of the postings were constructive and civil.  Instead of being ostracized, the house owner had a chance to get her side of things out to the neighbors.  Several people stated their devotion to the neighborhood and said they planned to step up their presence… walking the dog, etc.  Another person stepped forward to promote the idea of a formal neighborhood watch and planned to connect with a particular police officer.

And, my favorite step, a woman said… “how about a block party so we can all get to know each other better.”  That’s Front Porch Forum in a nutshell.

And, by the way, during all of this back and forth in the wake of the shooting, several new subscirbers signed up AND I noted a couple of “seeking babysitter” and “plumber recommended” postings slipped in… that “normal” neighborhood conversation is already sprouting.

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