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Skunk’s head stuck? Here’s what you do…

Posted on Monday, September 8, 2008 by 1 comment

I love the stories that people share with their neighbors on Front Porch Forum.  Here’s one just in from an FPF subscriber…

Today, Monday September 8th, 2008, I witnessed an amazing act of heroism. I live on Claire Pointe Road in the New North End of Burlington. This morning I received a signal from my husband who had been walking our dog, when he pointed with a hurried walk I saw a skunk with a yogurt container stuck on its head. So stuck that this skunk could not see where it was going, just walking and bumping into the cement of the walkways that just jammed the container onto its head even more. When I left the condo and drove out of our garage, this skunk had made its way down the driveway. Still bumping the side cement walls and jamming the container even tighter onto its head. I had to stop and turn my car off because the skunk was coming so close to the car. At this time a wonderfully brave woman, a neighbor who’s name I do not know walked down the driveway, we both discussed for a second what to do and in a terrific fearless act she went quietly to the skunk and with amazing heroism (and if she is reading this now she will know what i mean ) and a bit of scary comedy she freed the skunk from it’s smothering , blinding jail. She did not get sprayed and the two of us ran like the wind once it was over. This woman, my neighbor is a hero. What bravery, I have always lived in a city, we do not know from skunks except picture in animal magazines. Brava to this wonderful woman who will forever have the most wonderful and odd story to tell!!!!

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One comment

  1. Barbara Watson says:

    I live in Mallets Bay and there are a couple of issues that recently have come to my attention that are causing me some concern.
    1. I don’t know the name of the park by the bridge connecting Prim Rd with Rt 128, but as I pulled up there last Friday (10/10) I noticed a man dressed in hunting gear carrying a hunting bow and headed towards the woods. According to the sign in the parking lot there is no hunting allowed. I was told several times-even by the Colchester and the state police that people have always hunted there. Is anyone else aware of this?
    2. A flock of geese flew overhead Saturday afternoon/early evening and suddenly someone started shooting a gun! This is a very populated area with many children! What’s up with people shooting and hunting in parks and neighborhoods with families?
    Anyone else with these concerns?

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