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Borrow a car on short notice… no problem

Providing less than 24 hours advanced warning, Bonnie in Huntington posted the following the other day…

Hi Neighbors – My car died yesterday, and for the first time in years I’m without car. I must admit it’s liberating, but the only trouble is, that I need to get to work tomorrow, Saturday, June 28. I was wondering if anyone might have a car I would be able to borrow for the day? I leave at 8:30Am and return at 8:00Pm.

I figured this was too much to ask with too little lead time.  So I was pleasantly surprised to read her follow-up posting today…

Hi Neighbors – I’d like to thank you all so much, for the overwhelming response to my request to borrow a car for the day.

Work went well, and I got to drive around in Jim H.’s bright yellow Chevy.  I was a hit with every teenage boy in Burlington and Shelburne.  The car is for sale, if you know anyone that might be interested.

The Huntington Front Porch Forum is a great way for our community to continue to be the very special place it is.

Thanks much, Bonnie

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