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Posted on Friday, May 9, 2008 by No comments yet

Vandalism and petty crime in an urban neighborhood can breed cynicism, negativity and isolation.  Not so with a gardener in Burlington’s Old North End.  Michelle’s posting on Front Porch Forum today shows a different path…

I have had some flowers missing from my garden this spring. About a week or 2 ago I had 2 brand new dahlias taken from my planter in front of my house. Whoever took them didn’t just take the flower, but roots and all. This morning I woke up to find several of my tulips, a hyacinthe and 2 daffodils missing, it appears they were cut.

I decided rather than wonder if my flowers will be there every day when I come home, I made myself a nice bouquet and will give some to my mom for mother’s day. Luckily I had taken photos of the flowers, so I’m sharing them with everyone.

I will try to update this page over the summer and add my gardens from the past to my site.

So here’s to making lemonade from lemons!

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