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Posthole Digger Slows Speeders?

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2008 by No comments yet

Folks in Huntington, in a rural part of Vermont, have been discussing speeding cars a lot lately on Front Porch Forum… and how to slow them down through the village center. Good, meaty conversation. Lots of ideas and participants.

So when Doug asked if anyone could loan him a posthole digger, I figure it was a little off topic. Less than 12 hours later, Doug writes…

I was overwhelmed with 15 offers to loan a post hole digger. Thank you to all who responded! … and thanks to Front Porch Forum!

How many posthole diggers could possibly exist in the 200 or so household that currently subscribe to this neighborhood forum?  I venture that Doug found many to most of them.

And it strikes me that this exchange is not off topic at all. The speeding comments are boiling down to getting drivers to realize that their aggressive driving is a problem and danger to the folks living there… to getting them to be better neighbors… the kind of neighbor who would loan you a posthole digger.

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