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Moose in the neighborhood

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2008 by 1 comment

Moose sightings! Gotta tune in for that. Here’s one from Pam in Mayfair Park in South Burlington, VT, that she just posted to her Front Porch Forum

“Look who has been visiting Mayfair Park. His age was described as seeming like a ‘teenager.’ A moose on the loose… What are we doing that causes animals to stray so far from their natural terrain? While this is Mayfair Park newsworthy in the exciting sense, this is also a caution, particularly for those with children.”

Reminds me of some past moose postings… one, two, three and four.

UPDATE:  Yikes!  This moose was on our block this morning!!  A neighbor posted a sighting report on the Five Sisters Neighborhood Forum.  And the traditional media picked up on it too.

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