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Gotta have my Front Porch Forum

Posted on Monday, March 17, 2008 by No comments yet

We’ve been the lucky recipients of some great feedback about Front Porch Forum recently.  Just now a member wrote in after discovering that her new street address didn’t fall into one of our pre-existing neighborhood forums…

I just moved to Burlington and [my] street appears to not be part of a forum. I can’t imagine this is possible. If is is though how does one get started? I have been part of Westford’s forum and I love the information that is shared. I rely on it for local news, political info, resources, etc. and I will miss not having that in Burlington. I will look forward to you response. Thanks!

Good news for this subscriber… yes, her street does belong to a very active FPF neighborhood forum.  Our registration process just hiccuped and misdirected her… all’s well.

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