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Conventional Neighborhood Online Message Board

Posted on Friday, February 15, 2008 by 2 comments

Some people outside of our pilot area may think that Front Porch Forum provides conventional online message boards for neighborhoods… not so.  Here’s an example of a straight-forward web-based threaded message board from a Seattle neighborhood… click here.  That’s a different animal.

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  1. Steven Clift says:

    For a number of neighborhood e-mail lists as well see:

    E-Democracy.Org host unconventional neighborhood forums using an open source platform called GroupServer that allows people to fully participate via web or e-mail. We have a number of new “neighbourhood forums” in England and some new one’s opening in my hometown of Minneapolis.

    Front Porch Forum, iNeighbors, and others demonstrate a huge potential for connecting local people together any time, anywhere.

    I’ve volunteered to host a new forum for my area of about 7,000 residents in Minneapolis. You can watch a forum being born in a deliberate manner here:

    Steven Clift

  2. Michael says:

    Good to hear from you Steven. Best wishes with your new forum in Minneapolis! -Michael

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