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All types join in on neighborhood conversation

Posted on Sunday, February 3, 2008 by No comments yet

I’m thrilled by the fact that Front Porch Forum reaches well beyond the typical Web 2.0 demographic. We get folks of all stripes putting FPF to good use. Here’s a posting today from a subscriber in a South Burlington neighborhood forum.

I just joined this neighborhood forum today after meaning to do it for a long time. I hope to meet more of my neighbors. I’ve lived [in the neighborhood] for about 30 years, but people come and go on my street. I think there are only 4 of us who have lived here this long. Now that my kids are grown and moved away it’s not so easy to get to know the neighbors!

It is interesting that when I signed up I saw a person listed as an FPF Neighborhood Volunteer is my daughter’s best friend!

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