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Everyblock out of the gate

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 by No comments yet

Congratulations to the Everyblock team… they just launched this new service in Chicago, New York and San Francisco…

EveryBlock filters an assortment of local news by location so you can keep track of what’s happening on your block, in your neighborhood and all over your city.

Powerful stuff.  I might subscribe to an RSS feed of my neighborhood if I lived in a large city… but I doubt I’d visit regularly.  Also I wonder if the info flow will be appropriately scaled.  That is, if Everyblock delivers a phone book worth of minutia every day for one neighborhood… that’s too much.  And too little info flow doesn’t work either.

Looks like they’re on to something powerful. They seem to be making good use of the free $1.1M gift given by the old newspaper money people at Knight.

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