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Neighbors Rain Down Canoes on Local Girls

Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 by No comments yet

I received a wonderful note recently from Sharon, a Front Porch Forum member in South Burlington, VT…

I have a FPF experience that might be worth sharing.  For her 14th birthday, my daughter wanted to do a day long canoe excursion with several of her friends.  I had noticed during my walks through our neighborhood that several of my neighbors owned canoes (some that did not appear to get a lot of regular use).  I decided to put-out a request to see if folks would be willing to lend-out their canoes for a day.  I needed about 4.

I was so excited, as I received more offers than expected.  Several folks let me stop in at my leisure to pick-up and drop-off the canoes.  They also lent me paddles and life vest.  My daughter and her friends had a great time.  Also, thanks to my neighbors and FPF, we saved about $200.00 in canoe rental costs!

And coincidentally, Sharon won a gift card at a local kids’ store in a Front Porch Forum raffle.  She wrote in to say…

Thanks to my big Kid’s Town win, I’m somewhat a celeb with my neighbors as well as with friends from other neighborhoods who participate in FPF.  It really is pretty amazing how FPF connects so many folks on a neighborly level.

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