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Seeking horse playdate…

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2008 by No comments yet

Some folks are surprised to hear that Front Porch Forum works well in rural settings, in addition to more conventional neighborhoods. Huntington, VT is a great example… about 25% of this rural town subscribe and the conversation is steady. Here are couple posts from today…

My 2 1/2 year old quarter horse, Koko, would absolutely love to play with someone his own age. His lovely companion is 18, and will occasionally run around with him, but he’s really looking for something more fun.Do you have a youngish playful horse in Huntington that can come over to Koko’s pasture for a play date every so often? And a way to bring him/her over (I don’t have a horse trailer/truck yet)? Thanks!


Greetings! We’re looking for someone to fix our propane backup generator. We live off-grid and really rely on the generator during these less than ideal solar power times! Any suggestions on who we could call? Thanks!

Of course, on the actual forum (open only to Huntington residents), each posting includes the writer’s full name and road they live on. I’m willing to bet they both get multiple responses to these requests… and get to know more of their neighbors along the way.

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