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Best bet for distributing neighborhood news?

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Thanks to eNeighbors for pointing to this new study by eMarketer about eMail… color me eGrateful.

U.S. spending on e-mail advertising will grow to $2 billion by 2012 from $1.2 billion in 2007.

JupiterResearch estimated that about one-quarter of e-mail delivered to users’ main inboxes is now opt-in.

Average Number of E-Mails Received by US Internet Users per Week, 2007

JupiterResearch asked why recipients stopped subscribing to opt-in e-mails. More than one-half said the content was no longer relevant, and 40% said they were getting too many offers.

It is also getting harder for marketers to figure out which e-mail address to use. Nearly two-thirds of US Internet users have three or more active e-mail addresses, according to a November 2006 Bluestreak-commissioned study conducted by ROI Research.

Number of Active E-Mail Addresses that US Internet Users Have, September 2006 (% of respondents)

“E-mail, compared with other forms of interactive communication tools, is not only ubiquitous but also addictive,” Mr. Hallerman said. According to a November 2006 ROI Research report commissioned by Bluestreak, 90% of US Internet users used e-mail several times a day. No other communication tool comes close.

Frequency with which US Internet Users Use Select Emerging Communication Tools, September 2006 (% of respondents)

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