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FPF in Ontario?

Posted on Sunday, December 9, 2007 by No comments yet

We’re always grateful for the kind words we hear from Front Porch Forum members… really keeps us working. Here’s a member from the FPF Huntington (VT) Neighborhood Forum today…

I’m going to school in Ontario, and I’d love to have a forum here too! Why aren’t there any for Canada?

So far we’re just focusing on our pilot area of greater Burlington, VT (USA). Although we’re exploring expansion opportunities.

And her follow up…

I didn’t realize the Front Porch Forum was actually such a local thing! That’s wonderful! I joined it recently, and it’s been a nice way to get news from home while I’m away at school. I know my parents are really utilizing it, and they’re not very internet savvy people.

I love the last line about her low-tech parents making great use of FPF… that’s right on target!

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