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Grammy’s Car taken for 2,000 Mile Ride

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 by No comments yet

Local artist Katharine Montstream posted this alarming note in her neighborhood forum this week and shared it with the FPF Neighborhood Volunteers network too…

Could everyone keep an eye out for Grammy Jane’s car? My mother-in-law was at my studio at ONE MAIN STREET on friday at 10am and just popped in for a moment to get an address. She put her keys down on the floor of the car. A young man said hi to her and then followed her into the studio. He pretended to look at my prints in the lobby, but he was actually watching Jane. Once she was in my studio, he ran out and stole her car. She saw him driving off, and police were there quickly, but no recovery of the car.

It’s a silver HONDA sedan, 7 yrs old, with BLACK HANDLES, and possibly still with an OBAMA sticker on the back.  The car could be in NYC in parts, it could be at Dunkin Donuts in White River Junction, it could be abandon in the Shaw’s parking lot. At this point the police can’t do much, but please keep an eye out for a silver Honda sedan.

This is a hardship for Jane as insurance only covers 80% of the vehicle, rental car insurance only covers 20.00 per day with rates around 40.00, she has to change her condo locks, replace the car seat, forget about the four snows she put on last week, and replace her chair for watching grandkids soccer games. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED. This vehicle might be around; it’s totally possible.

So while Front Porch Forum didn’t play a direct role in the good news that follows, it did provide a surprising tale to our Vermont members…

The police called this morning. Two men were found sleeping in the car in FLORIDA, they ran the plates and it’s Jane’s car! hurray. It will be back in four days with 2,000 more miles, but it will be back!

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