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Member asks elected officials to join FPF

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 by No comments yet

The average person joins Front Porch Forum to get a little neighborhood news and perhaps learn a bit more about nearby neighbors.  Typically, once on board a vibrant neighborhood forum though, this member starts to see other possibilities.

Today, for example, a member posted a letter he sent to his local elected officials about a major development project that suddenly has been redirected and is now on track to cut through some wetlands adjacent to his neighborhood.  He wrote, in part…

I would encourage Selectboard members and others – that it would be greatly appreciated if you would log on to Front Porch Forum and start communicating to our neighborhood’s residents what is actually taking place.

He also requested a special meeting of the selectboard to examine this issue.  Some towns have most of the their officials on board with Front Porch Forum, but in this case there are only one or two.

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