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Draker Labratories and Finding Talent

Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 by No comments yet

Vermont Business People magazine has an interesting profile on AJ Rossman and his company Draker Laboratories… they are finding success…

The Burlington company manufactures performance-monitoring equipment, creates software, and provides reporting services for clients who produce energy with emerging green technologies, such as solar electric, wind energy and solar thermal power.

And I was glad to read that his business has been able to put Front Porch Forum to good use… in this case finding qualified local talent…

Draker Laboratories employs 10 full-time staff. Six live in the Old North End.

“One of the nice thing about working here is how many of us live in the neighborhood,” says Conboy. “We move in the same circles, our kids go to the same schools and we see each other outside of the office.”

Hiring locals was not entirely intentional. “We put out a national search for employees and posted it on Front Porch Forum, a community bulletin board on the Web focusing on this neighborhood,” Rossman says. “We got more qualified people from Front Porch Forum than we did from a national search!

We’ve been getting calls from local human resource departments asking about using Front Porch Forum to find new employees. We can do that… give me a call!

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