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Zilok does peer rental

Posted on Monday, November 5, 2007 by 1 comment

TechCrunch writes today about, a French start up now in the United States that facilitates people renting stuff from strangers… kind of like eBay, but you get the things back.  The comments mention several competitors doing the same thing.

Front Porch Forum sees a lot of exchanges like this among nearby neighbors, but without the rental fee.  We like to call it “borrowing something from the neighbor.”  Some readers with long memories may remember such a practice from days of yore.  And, while borrowing, you actually get to know the people who live around you a little better.  Gadzooks!

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One comment

  1. wb says:

    I’ve used before, same kind of idea but its run as a community service so its totally free. Think craigslist rather than ebay. Its not quite as web2.0 ish, but works fine.

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