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Happy Birthday Bloggy Dearest

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2007 by No comments yet

Ghost of Midnight just turned one!  That’s 12 months of blogging.  About 425 posts.  One comment for every 2.5 posts.  Mostly me tracking the “local online” space and reporting updates about Front Porch Forum and stories lifted from our various neighborhood forums.  We get about 100 visitors/day to this blog.

I’ve also read thousands of blog postings over the past year and learned lots… about the topics, about people, and about the medium.  There’s a tremendous amount of repetition and amplification in the blogosphere… a kind of conventional wisdom machine.  Instead of being in the hands of the old guard traditional media powerbrokers, the conventional-wisdom-setting power has shifted to the blogging elite.  And they’re mostly tuned into the big players (“What did Google do today?”) and start-ups that are following the venture capital model.

Reminds me of the sports page being half filled these days with details of the players’ contracts… and the other half taken up with articles about the Yankees, Cowboys and Lakers.  So be it.

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