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Social Networking Sites Grow and Shrink

Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 by 2 comments

Interesting traffic numbers for social networking sites on TechCrunch today.  Lots of interesting comments.  My first take-away… loads of options for online social networking and more flooding onto the web every day.

It’s not about features, it’s about who’s already there and tone.  The internet is overflowing with social networks for (1) snarky techno-types, (2) pop-culture-obsessed kids (i.e., college age on down), and (3) career-focused climbers in a few industries.  For the rest?

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  1. Interested in trying a cutting edge social network that’s based right out of Vermont?

    Try – blog, share photos, videos, listen to music, chat, mail, etc… Create a fully custom profile, frontpage, or group and get your family and friends to interact with you in a safe environment that you have control over.

  2. Erin Demers says:

    It is interesting that you mentioned social networking sites because there is one that is based right here in Vermont. I enjoy using it.

    It is more underground and unique and not owned by any big corporations. Enjoy your local maple syrup, veggies and a slice of VT social network called Mindviz.

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