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Tire Slashing Victim Turns it Around with FPF

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2007 by No comments yet

Carrie in Burlington’s Old North End felt as deflated as her car tires when she came outside the other day and discovered that all four had been slashed.  Enter Front Porch Forum.  She posted a note to her neighbors…

 Most regretfully, I’m writing to let you know our tires were slashed on Saturday night while our car was in our driveway. It’s one if the more unpleasant ways to spend $200.

Not sure what you should do with this information…..I hate to inspire fear. My hope is it was a random act committed in a moment of severely compromised judgment. I feel a bit better sharing it with all of you, like instant empathy.

May your lives be peaceful!

Just the opposite of inspiring fear, her posting rallied people.  She followed up today with…

thanks so much for setting up our forum. i received a bunch of very supportive and helpful e-mails in response to my message about our tires being slashed. thanks to the forum, we were connected with the parallel justice program which will pay for our new tires. good work!

For those of you keeping score at home… one bad experience poured through FPF results in… one problem solved (money for new tires), victim feeling supported by neighbors, neighbors on the lookout for vandalism, and the neighbors all feeling a little better for the experience… the sense of community a little stronger.

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